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Why is your organization training its employees? Typically, it’s done for practical reasons – to keep up with industry standards, onboard new hires, demo how to use the coffee machine… the list goes on. All of these are critical parts of your organization’s relationship with your employees. In reality, though, many businesses aren’t aware of the real importance of training employees and the measurable impact it has.

Training has been seen as something that is done for the benefit of the organization, which is great, however the reality that an organization can not exist without its employees is seeing as redundant. Training that is only tailored for the benefit of the company and not the growth of its employees can have a negative impact on staff not feeling appreciated. Alpha Edge Group Training Division exists not only for the training of necessary skills for employees to get better at what they do but their, mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

our approach

We only get involved if we can make an impact so we only work with the below.


Are you a CEO  concerned that your company is not hitting growth targets?

Head of Sales

Are you the head of sales struggling with underperforming reps or managers?

Sales Consultant

Are you a sales enablement practitioner who is worried about how to create the right content?

Account Executive

Are you an account executive struggling you to hit quota?


Are you sales development representative struggling to secure appointments?

Start Up

Are you a start up founder battling to close leads?


Are you a venture capitalist getting impatient that your portfolio company is not achieving its targets?

Sales Manager

Are you a sales manager struggling with closing the gap between your top performer and everyone else?

Customer Success Manager

Are you the head of customer success upset that there is poor customer retention in your business?

Sales Training

We have your training needs covered

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