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Should employers provide higher education tuition support?

The professional that has a full time job, a family and other commitments may think that further their education as daunting experience due to flexibility and the affordability aspect thereof. This may have them thinking “is this really worth it? The question is will my Employer fund my studies, if yes will it partial or in full.
Career growth is not solely reliant on gaining working experience, often overlooked, getting a recognized certificate of degree will open doors to promotion, increase in earning potential and a boost in confidence definitely.

The question is will my company help me with tuition funding and will I have to pay it back through time or will it be deducted in small instalments over a period of time. Not all companies will have this in place and it may be time to start having this conversation. The tuition support employee benefit is often overlooked and can have a long lasting positive impact on employees and the employer. The Human Resource officer may be one of the company personnel who should be able to provide some sort of direction pertaining tuition support.. Understanding that what you study should always be in line with what you do or rather future positions you would like to hold.

It is important to do your research before hand so you can state facts and why this degree is important to obtain and how it will not only be a great achievement however you will have better opportunities and be better if not the best at what is expected of you. Tuition support is a great way to not only attract and keep future employees but also increase their loyalty to employers.

Employers can start having this conversation and the difference it will have in the livelihood of their employees is unmatched. Employees do want to study further and the affordability aspect getting in the way it is disheartening for them. With Educational institutions offer flexible stud options such as online or part time, there is now a greater chance of furthering your studies without having to neglect other commitments such work and family.