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Is lead generation part of the marketing strategy?

The word “lead generation” has been used and seen quiet often in blogs, heard on podcasts or perhaps a YouTube video that was related to marketing. This buzz word has been used numerous times and often businesses choose to get a lead generation company that will help with the lead generation function. The question is what happens when the leads come through? This will often depend on the kind of call to action for the campaign that took place.

It is not advisable to get a lead generation company to run ads for leads if you are not sure what you will do with the lead that will come in. Not all incoming leads will convert into a sale, now why is that? Here is an illustration that shows exactly why:

Are You Ignoring 97% of Your Customers | Red Bamboo

As a business owner or marketer, looking at this illustration, what comes to mind, only 3%? Yes only 3%. Now what happens to the remaining 97% target market?

That is where a well Strategic Marketing Plan comes in. With all the leads that come in it is your responsibility to ensure that not all 97% fall through the cracks or rather opted to choose your competitor.

Lead generation is a critical activity within the overall Marketing strategy however is pointless with no plan of attack. (Not in a violent way of-course). It has to be well thought out and a plan has to be place which will nurture lead through:

  • Follow up emails
  • Sms
  • Phone call
  • Newsletters

This is to mention only a few ways you can engage with your prospect. You wouldn’t want to pester them with non-stop annoying communication, no one likes to feel they are being spammed. The takeaway is that lead generation is a great way to get more clients however it needs supporting activities to work. 

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